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About Debbie

Clini-coach and Marriage and Family Therapist

You know the type of therapists they show on TV or in the movies? The therapists who only ask you, “how does that make you feel?” and only speak in dull voices that would make anyone fall asleep? I can assure you – I am definitely not that type of coach

I am personable, genuine, and laid-back. I’m known to those around me as the enthusiastic but warm personality that makes it easy to talk about anything, which makes me a pretty good fit to be a coach

I am no stranger to life transitions and the emotional ups and downs that often come with them. My early family life was characterized by the illnesses and eventual loss of my parents and sister. Being on my own at a young age has taught me resilience. I look at life as a journey with many opportunities to grow and deepen my connection with myself, others and the world. I believe that humans are basically good. We are motivated by the desire to form meaningful connections. Unfortunately along our journey we develop unhealthy behavior patterns that keep us from that connection.

My style is warm and depth-oriented. I think it is essential to offer a space where you can feel safe to be honest about what is happening in your life. Whether you’re dealing with relationship issues, anxiety, depression or struggling with a life transition, it is the relationship between you and me that leads to insight and healing. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client’s individual needs to help him or her attain the personal growth and emotional well-being he or she is striving for. Together with each client I work to develop strengths and achieve life goals.

I love working with couples. Helping couples reclaim their relationships and rekindle feelings for each other is exciting and rewarding. I am currently a level 3 trained Gottman therapist and am working towards full certification. I am also able to assist in divorce transitions for couples and family. I am a certified co-parenting educator and a parent/child reunification specialist.

When I am not in the office I love spending time with my husband, children and friends. I enjoy Camping, fishing, music, cooking and gardening. A day isn’t complete without some music and dancing.

“Hard times require furious dancing.” – Alice Walker

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About Zephyr

Hi, I’m Zephyr and I am a therapy pup in training. I come to work most days and get to play with the people who come visit with my mom. I’m not sure what they are doing but they sure do talk a lot. Sometimes the people get upset when they are talking and that’s where I come in. I sit near their feet and look at them with my soulful brown eyes. That’s how I get them to pet me. My soft coat makes them feel comforted and sometimes I even give them some puppy kisses. I really love the kids that come in, they love to train me and give me treats. In the building I am one of the personal greeters, everyone loves me, and I love them. When I’m not working, I like hanging out in the yard at my house, chasing rabbits and checking out all the wildlife. My favorite things to do are to take walks with my humans, go camping and swimming. Hope I get to meet you soon!