The Starfish – Universal Symbol of Renewal and Healing

The Starfish is the universal symbol of renewal and healing. The starfish, being the amazing little creatures they are, have the miraculous ability to renew and heal when there has been a loss of limb. Their ability to regenerate its cells and grow new limbs, and in some cases replace their entire body, is an enviable feat to be sure! I’m no scientist, but I would imagine that the Starfish does not experience fear, immobilization or even a contemplation phase in this regeneration or renewal process. IT HAPPENS.

We could all learn a lesson from this pokie little Echinoderm that mysteriously grows body parts when they have been traumatically severed. What if we humans, when feeling that our current circumstances no longer serve us, were able to without fear or dread, choose to alter our course; change our destiny. What if we could purposely choose happiness and joy? Replacing a traumatic wound or an empty space in our soul with self-loving actions daily. Guess what. We Can.

Filling our emotional bank account (small things often) daily can put us on the pathway to a more genuine and happy life. Who knows, after practicing Starfish magic in small ways, every day, we might find the way to “grow a new limb” fresh and new. We might take that class that we’ve always wanted to take, go on that trip we never thought we could afford, apply for the job of our dreams or start that exercise regime.
When we BELIEVE “I CAN” and we follow it up with “I WILL do” we are embracing our miraculous ability to renew and regenerate just as Starfish does in its own unique and mysterious ways. Precious little Starfish you are.

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